1. ......... or people on fixed incomes, a rise in living costs determines the standard of living they can achieve or maintain.

     A) Workers                                     B) There are workers
     C) For workers                                D) What the workers



"Is it time for the game to begin yet?"
"No, not ............... ."

     A) already                                      B) yet
     C) still                                           D) have already

3. His secretary has ........ appointment schedule for him today.

     A) none                                         B) no
     C) not                                           D) no one

4. We'll get .............. by train if we leave tonight.

     A) fast enough there                       B) there enough fast
     C) there fast enough                       D) enough fast there


5. The gentleman was content .................. .

     A) to patiently wait outside the door
     B) to wait outside patiently the door
     C) to wait patiently outside the door
     D) to wait the outside door patiently


"I read that the stock market is rising."
"In fact, it is moving faster than ................ ."

     A) ever it has before                        B) it ever has before
     C) before it ever has                        D) before ever it has

7. How ............. does the bus stop at Wall?

     A) often                                          B) many
     C) much                                          D) long

8. Japan has taken a more independent stance ................ .

     A) as it does before                         B) as it did before
     C) than it does a few years ago          D) than it did a few years ago

9. Wild horses can start more quickly ............... breeds can.

     A) that the other                               B) other
     C) than other                                    D) of all other

10.  The lower the kindling temperature, ................. .

     A) the more easily a substance catches fire
     B) a substance catches fire more easily
     C) catching fire more easily, a substance
     D) catches fire and the substance more easily

11. We can keep (A. equipments) up (B. for a while), but I think that (C. in a week) we'll have to (D. shut down)

12. (A. Tooth) decay is the most (B. common) (C. disease) of (D. humanities)

13. Since the purchase (A. is) (B. on the dollar basis), we (C. need)
(D. many) more money.

14. (A. Industrialist) Henry Ford (B. introduced) assembly-line techniques into the (C. manufacturer) of (D. motor vehicles)

15. Yesterday, we (A. received) your invoice #1234-A (B. for) the
(D. purchaser) of clothing.

16. (A. To become) a skilled (B. photograph), a person (c. should have) both manual dexterity and a good eye (D. for detail)

17. Between 1913 and 1916, (A. journalism) and lecturer Wells-Barnett
(B. served as) a (C. probation officer) for the Chicago (D. municipal)

18. We'll be flying at an (A. attitude) of 25,000 (B. feet) and should arrive (C. in) Seoul (D. at) 7:15.

19. The (A. labor union) (B. requested) a pay (C. raise) of twenty
(D. percentage)

20.  Why don't you (A. go) (B. get) (C. some) fresh (D. wind)?