1. All steam engines work for the same reason ; steam occupies more than 1,700 times ........ the water from which it comes.

     A) of the space of much of                  B) much of the space
     C) with as much space as                  D) as much space as


2. ........ possible, definitions which involve the use of obscure language have been avoided.

     A) As good as                                   B) As far as
     C) As much as                                  D) As long as

3. Carbon forms ......... of complexity than does any other element.

     A) a greater number of compounds
     B) a greater compound in its number
     C) compounds of greater number
     D) compounds that are greater in number


"Can he buy the car?"
"He is as poor as ................ be."

     A) may                                          B) man
     C) people                                      D) can

5. Ball-point pen manufacturers work with measurements ......... used in spacecraft.

     A) those precisely                           B) they are precisely
     C) as precise as those                    D) as those are precise

6. A square meter is ................. a square yard.

     A) than slightly larger                      B) slightly larger than
     C) larger than slightly                      D) slightly than larger

7. I've had ................... time to decide.

     A) than enough more                         B) more than enough
     C) than more enough                         D) more time than enough

8. Everyone has a right to enjoy his liberty, and ................ his life.

     A) much more                                  B) much less
     C) indeed                                        D) so

9. You have only one brother, but I have ........... nine brothers and sisters.

     A) not less than                                B) no less than
     C) not more than                               D) no more than

10. Of the two toys, the child chose .................. .

     A) the less expensive                         B) the one most expensive
     C) the least expensive                        D) the most expensive of them

11. (A. Virtually all), that is 99 percent, of the (B. sale managers)
(C. interviewed) reported that they take business trips (D. on a regular

12. One problem is (A. that) there should be (B. some changes) in the
(C. productive line) at our (D. maker)

13.  After (A. Holmes's departure) for the concert, I (B. lay down upon) the sofa and (C. endeavored) to get (D. a couple of hours) sleep.

14. (A. All you) have a copy of agenda (B. on) the schedule (C. to close) our plant (D. in) Seoul.        

15. Your (A. driver license) (B. expired) two month ago, so you have to
(C. take a driving test) to obtain new (D. one)

16. I have (A. some) (B. twenty year) (C. experience) (D. in selling) auto components.

17. Trucks (A. are) (B. most often used) (C. for) the transport of (D. good)

18. I (A. have heard) many of your (B. part) (C. are made) (D. by subcontractors)

19. The board of directors (A. decided) that (B. headquarter) (C. should be located) (D. near) Seoul Station

20. If the troubles on the plants (A. resulted from) lower quality
(B. contrary to) the (C. specification) our company (D. renders) two years
free of repairing charges.